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FDIFD was about exploring the city we live in, while pushing ourselves to be creative about how we spend our time together.

It was also something to help keep his mind busy after a painful break-up with a girl he loved. Bjorn Iverson, a life-long web developer and graphic designer with a knack for being unique, creative, and outgoing decided he was going to ask a girl out. And not on just a date, but fifty dates. If that's not crazy enough, he told her she'd have to do them with him in fifty days.

Bjorn, a Lead Web Applications Developer for Polaris Industries and Beth, an Occupational Therapy major at St. Catherine University, decided to document their whole adventure. With a GoPro and a selfie stick in hand, they began their adventure.

Dates that...


were free


involved food & drink


were outside

Beauty meets the beast

An unlikely couple meet and begin a most interesting journey that soon will win the hearts of millions around the world. Click on their pictures below to learn a little bit more about them.


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If you're bored you're not trying hard enough. There's an entire world out there around you, go and explore it!
  • 01
    Shopping at Mall of America
    Bloomington, MN
  • 02
    Mini Golf at Grand Slam
    Burnsville, MN
  • 03
    Coffee Date at Starbucks
    Crystal, MN
  • 04
    Famous Burgers at Lion's Tap
    Eden Prairie, MN
  • 05
    Hudson Pier
    Hudson, WI
  • 06
    Arcade Games at Brunswick Zone XL
    Lakeville, MN
  • 07
    Tubing at Three Rivers Park
    Maple Grove, MN
  • 08
    U of M Bridge Walk
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 09
    Gyros at the Greek Grill
    New Hope, MN
  • 10
    Polaris Headquarters Tour
    Plymouth, MN
  • 11
    Mystic Lake Casino
    Prior Lake, MN
  • 12
    Rock Climbing at REI
    Richfield, MN
  • 13
    Saint Paul Overlook
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 14
    Bowling at Mattie's Lanes
    South Saint Paul, MN
  • 15
    Stillwater Overlook & Pioneer Park
    Stillwater, MN
  • 16
    Sushi at Akita
    Woodbury, MN
  • 17
    Dinner at Rainforest Café
    Bloomington, MN
  • 18
    Burnsville Pistol Range
    Burnsville, MN
  • 19
    Movie Night at Home
    Crystal, MN
  • 20
    Ice Castles at Miller Park
    Eden Prairie, MN
  • 21
    Lunch at Pier 500
    Hudson, WI
  • 22
    Historic Fort Snelling
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 23
    Urban Exploring in Downtown Saint Paul
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 24
    Downtown Stillwater & Stillwater Lift Bridge
    Stillwater, MN
  • 25
    Toppers Pizza
    Richfield, MN
  • 26
    Lazer Tag at Grand Slam
    Burnsville, MN
  • 27
    Truck Shopping
    Twin Cities, MN
  • 28
    Institute of Arts
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 29
    Lunch at Mickey's Diner
    Downtown Saint Paul, MN
  • 30
    Walker Art Center's Sculpture Garden
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 31
    Como Park Zoo
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 32
    Water Park of America
    Bloomington, MN
  • 33
    Dinner at Cafè Lurcat
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 34
    Wabasha Bridge & Mississippi River Overlook
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 35
    Science Museum of Minnesota
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 36
    Darts & Buckhunter at Legend's Bar & Grill
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 37
    Mississippi River Walk
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 38
    Breakfast at The Coffee Cup on Rice Street
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 39
    Stone Arch Bridge Walk
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 40
    Mill City Museum
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 41
    Capitol Hill Overlook
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 42
    Drinks & Dessert at Chino Latinos
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 43
    Cave Wall at Midwest Mountaineering
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 44
    Summit Avenue Walk
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 45
    Minnehaha Falls
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 46
    Horse-drawn Carriage Ride
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 47
    Foci Glass Arts
    Minneapolis, MN
  • 48
    Saint Paul Cathedral
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 49
    Ice Cream at Dar's Double Scoop
    Saint Paul, MN
  • 50
    Weisman Art Museum
    Minneapolis, MN

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